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Virginia Community Colleges and Two Year Schools

Community colleges can be a real bargain. For instate students, their tuition is very low, and students can transfer the majority of the credits they earned at them to a four-year college. Here are some examples of these schools:

Blue Ridge Community College serves about 5,000 students in Weyers Cave.

Students at graduation in robesCentral Virginia Community College is a similar size. It's main campus is in Lynchburg, but it also serves Altavista, Amherst, Appomattox and Bedford.

Tidewater Community College is a big school with four campuses — Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth and Virginia Beach.

You can take your two-year school credits and transfer them to a school in another state too. You don't have to consider only instate colleges.

Besides the East Coast schools, big state colleges in the upper Midwest are popular with transfer students too. States such as Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Indiana attract a lot of out of state transfer students. Take a look at Michigan. Check out education options in Indiana.

Another state that has a lot of students from other areas is Colorado. One reason for this is that state's proximity to excellent outdoor recreation, especially skiing and snowboarding. See colleges in Colorado.

So consider your local two-year college when you're making plans for after high school. Enrolling at your local school might make a lot of sense.

Once you decide on a school, then you need to decide on a major and a career field. Here are some ideas.

The actuary field is hot. Not everyone knows about it, but it's a great and secure field. See more at

The computer field is always looking for new talent. Some require a full degree and a lot of work in a competitive field. Careers such as Computer Science and Systems Analysis. And some information technology positions don't require a four-year degree. See more at

The healthcare field is another area that needs new people constantly too. There are a wide variety of positions available from doctors to nurses to equipment technicians such as sonographers.

Other college majors that not all students consider include religious studies; Hydrology; Human Resources Management (; Library Science; and Hospitality Management (

And for students who have decided they really don't want to go for a four-year degree, there are some options. Community colleges and vocational institutes offer concentrated training in a variety of specialties, including needed specialized jobs like pharmacy technician. See for more info.